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Digital Marketing

Based on what I’ve observed in this city, some local businesses don’t bother putting their brands online. Some do, but only to an extent. It’s apparent that not a lot of local entrepreneurs know the success digital marketing can reap for their businesses (especially when done right), which is why as a top virtual assistant service provider, we’re here to give you reasons to invest in digital marketing.

That said, digital marketing isn’t limited to owning official social media accounts (though an active online presence is part of it). In fact, the processes are much more than most business owners are able to handle on a daily basis, which is why most local entrepreneurs don’t think much of it, let alone spend for it.

Since we’re experts on digital marketing, we’ll give you a guide on how some digital marketing strategies can service your business.

Facebook advertising

Since there are still some users who think Facebook advertising is limited to a page, the likes on that page, unmanaged content, and occasional boosts on posts, we’re here to tell you that’s not the case.

Facebook ads are actual ads scattered throughout your News Feed on Facebook. Facebook has one of the most advanced hyper-targeting tools for maximum ROI.

Since your target audience is most likely already on the social network, it’s a great place to start. With hyper-targeting, you can choose which audience your sponsored content appears to. Because ads are appearing on your target market’s News Feeds, you’re more likely to get a high ROI than by advertising without targeting.

Similarly, it helps to have good original content on your Facebook page. This could range from images and videos to links to blog posts that are similar or helpful to your business.

Establish your active online presence to not only inform your audience they can reach you easily on Facebook, but also give them an idea of your brand’s personality. Facebook welcomes different types of content, and has recently been delving more into video, so plan your strategy ahead or consult a Facebook advertising service provider.

Link Building

Being on the first results page of Google is a big deal, and the ways to get there are costly without a strong strategy. One of the best strategies involves link building, which is a way for Google to know your website is popular.

A way to build links is to guest post on blogs. When you find sites in your industry, you can write blog posts for alternative sites as a way to build not just literal links with others in the industry, but also brand awareness and integrity.

Email marketing

Letting people know your brand exists is the whole point of being online, so you can’t miss out on email marketing, either. Email marketing stays as one of the top performing digital marketing strategies online.

If your business is particularly formal, email marketing can help you retain your brand’s image of professionalism. Additionally, people want to do business with someone they know and trust, and email helps create that credibility by sharing enlightening content with your audience.

Similar to Facebook, email enables you to attach your content and tailor your email’s templates to match your own branding.

There are more digital marketing tactics that are equally as effective as those listed above. We know these strategies may not be doable while you’re managing your own business, so know you always have the option to outsource a top virtual assistant service provider. Now that’s a marketing strategy that’s both profitable and cost-effective.

Virtual Assistants for your Business

Virtual assistants are people you can ask to fill tasks for you such as data entry, social media management, customer assistance, and/or content production. They may be individuals or freelancers, but you can usually outsource them from your virtual assistant service company. And they are a huge reason why many small businesses are flourishing in a highly competitive climate.

It’s only inevitable that they are becoming popular nowadays that many jobs are being done online and businesses are shifting from traditional methods. They are no longer constrained to hiring in-house employees alone and are looking for ways to do business easier and more efficiently. Curious about the benefits of getting a virtual assistant? Here are some of them:

Flexibility of Schedule

Depending on the country where you decide to outsource your virtual assistant, you can even choose a schedule that’s on a completely different time zone. Whatever is most convenient for you. They can work while you sleep, while you’re on vacation, or performing more important tasks.

Increased Productivity

Tired of doing repetitive tasks? At the end of the day, you’re left with little time for core tasks because chunked most of it doing minor tasks. Why do you, as a boss or manager, have to do it yourself when you can get someone else to do it? Getting them out of the way will allow you to plan better or future marketing strategies for your business.

Cost efficient

As a startup business, immediately outsourcing a virtual assistant may sound like a risky and expensive move. But, in truth, you will be able to save more money by doing so. Compared to an in-house employee, you won’t have to pay a virtual assistant their benefits and their office equipment. Add to that the money and time you have to invest in training them. A virtual assistant will only be paid for the hours they worked for. This means that they will have to be productive for the whole eight hours, for example. On the other hand, a full-time employee would be distracted and take breaks.

Access to Skilled Workers

A virtual assistant company will have their own specialty. For example, if you want to delegate a VA for a PPC campaign, it would best be to outsource from a Google AdWords Service Company.

When outsourcing a VA, they aren’t going to hand you a rookie. They’re going to assign someone who’s already expert in the business process you will be needing. Most of them will have already honed the skills with the amount of clients they have worked for. You’re lucky if they have experience with your business niche because orienting them wouldn’t be necessary – or be minimal at that.

Fitting Into The Modern Businesscape

A virtual assistant’s job ends along with the project, and similarly, it begins again when a new project comes up. Both parties may stop working with each other any time. With proper communication and planning, the whole process can go smoothly and will help you grow your business faster.

6 Best Content Writing Tips

Is writing a status update on Facebook considered content writing? Yes, however, that’s not where it all ends, unfortunately. The content you produce is the meat of your business website, and if your visitors don’t enjoy the taste, you can say good bye to conversions. An elegant website might catch their attention, but it’s the content that will compel them to return for more.

You can now guess effective content writing can affect your SEO, PPC, and other marketing strategies. The search engine might lead them to your website, but it will be rendered useless when it doesn’t actually provide them the answer they’re looking for.

A wise idea for startup and small businesses that aren’t exactly experts in the field is to hire a Filipino virtual assistant. They can perform many tasks including content writing for a lower rate. This will help you save money while getting started in establishing your online presence.

Do Your Research

In constantly producing original content for your audience, you will be looking for undiscovered topics to add to the platter. Most times, you won’t know everything, especially when it comes to new trends. Of course you’d want to ride the hype and write something about it immediately. But you can’t do that without properly educating yourself first about it. And that will only come from research. A little time spent on research won’t hurt, but spreading misinformation would.

Always answer the question “why should you care?” Scroll up to the top of this page and read our intro paragraph. Notice how the second sentence explains why learning these content writing tips is important?

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Make It Relevant

You can spend all the time in the world to create all the interesting topics, but if it’s not what your audience wants, no one’s going to read it. The first thing you should ask yourself is “why is this important to them?” If the article is going to provide them the answer they need (e.g. how to fix a light bulb), then you must be able to accomplish that.

Be Clear and Concise

This is the internet. Users don’t hang around to read blocks and blocks of words like they do with books. They want to find their answers as fast as possible. You aren’t writing a literary piece either, so it’s best to be direct with what you want to say.  Going back to the light bulb example, here’s how to write a concise instruction: “To fix a light bulb, the first step to do is.., the materials you will need are…”

Add Some Spice

There about hundreds of articles out there that will be identical to yours. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it’s inevitable. The only way you can make your article stand out is to make it entertaining for the readers. Was it funny? Was it touching? What makes it memorable? A piece of content will likely be more shared when it’s able to incite emotions.

Keep it Natural

Remember that you are writing to a human being. You don’t want to sound like a robot blurting out information. There’s no pressure with this. You can sound formal while still talking like a human. After all, the purpose of your content is to communicate something to your audience, and failing at this will only defeat its purpose.

This also applies for your keyword placements for your SEO strategy. Don’t put them in a random place in the article. An effective SEO article should make the keyword feel natural and cohesive to the paragraph it’s in.

Never plagiarize

A common knowledge: plagiarism is a crime. When you take an idea, quotation, or paragraph from another source, you must cite them at all times.  It’s only mutual courtesy when you want other websites to respect your content and not plagiarize you.

Quality content can’t be achieved overnight, and many businesses don’t have all the time and resources to have their own team. If you’re one of them, outsourcing web content writing services is just for you. Good luck on your journey on digital marketing!