“Strektec and their team of Virtual Assistants did an excellent job working for me. They assigned a dedicated VA. My Virtual Assistant always did everything I asked of him and beyond. He always started working on time and gave me updates every day. I would recommend them to anyone!”

Mark Scarpa Jr.


“Mark is a pleasure to work with. He is very honest and transparent and you can ask him everything. They are very professional and will work with your needs. The VAs are already knowledgeable and needs little explanation. I use them for cold calling my real estate vacant properties list. I have been using them for 3 months now and still going strong. Would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for VA (virtual assistance) service to free up their time for more important tasks, like closing deals. ”


Pao Lor

L and P Home Buyers Inc


Laura Gladick-Altmann

“This Team has been an absolute pleasure to be working with! They are honest, and always on top of their game! I highly recommend this company for all their services!”


Stevie King

“I found out about this service on a Real Estate page. I didn’t need RE services but I needed a pile of tasks to be completed to allow me to spend more time with clients. Mark and Mai were absolutely amazing to work with. The work was so much better than what I was doing with the tasks. They communicated so well with me during the process of learning how we worked together. I have since left that assignment but will be looking at using them again in the future.”